Internet Explodes After Black Republican Humiliates Eric Swalwell Over Deranged Comparison Of Pro-Life Policies

Eric Swalwell is an absolute joke of a politician. Unfortunately for America, he thinks an awfully lot of himself and his opinions. Bashfulness is not something you would ever accuse Eric Swalwell of. He always makes sure to make his voice heard, promoting whatever ill-considered Leftist pipe dream comes to his mind on any given day.

Simply put, the man does not think before he speaks. And as we shall see, that got him into significant troubles earlier this week, when an enlightened conservative absolutely destroyed him in a totally savage tweet that everyone needs to be talking about.

Swalwell is famous for many things, and nearly none of them are good. Swalwell blasted President Trump during his office, but America could tell that Swalwell had no compelling arguments for his positions.  He ran for President in 2020, but his performance was so poor he garnered realistically no support. The most iconic moment of his candidacy was roasting Joe Biden for being old, which is, to be fair, a legitimate criticism of the future President in the abstract. But when the alternative is Eric Swalwell, a barely functioning old man becomes all the more appealing.

Lastly, he is known for sleeping with a Chinese spy — the infamous Fang Fang. That was embarrassing and probably sufficient to remove him from his various committee assignments. But the Democrats just did not care. That was a pure breach of all laws of decency. But again and again, time after time, the Democrats show themselves to be unconcerned with the niceties of a functioning legislative branch. And they call Republicans anti-democratic! The hypocrisy is unreal.

After an Anti-Roe majority opinion leaked, Democrats have been filled with pure anger. Their eyes are red with fire and fury.  Their secular sacrament is no longer sacred. Their culture of death is on its deathbed. All the same, the Democrats cannot defend their positions. This tweet of Eric Swalwell’s is so typical of the Democrat strategy.

One is reminded of this classic remark by a current President

But while Biden’s comments had no effect on his future candidacy, perhaps the retort of this black Republican will be different. Wesley Hunt, a candidate for Texas’s Thirty-Eighth District, made his voice heard loud and clear. By doing so, he could have very well shut up the race baiting Swalwell for good!

Wow! There just is no coming back from that. To compare laws that protect the unborn to anti-interracial marriage legislation was bad enough. But his self-own turned into a TKO at the hands of a potential future colleague. Swalwell’s idiotic talking points got exposed once and for all and we are, quite frankly, ecstatic to see it!

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