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A drag queen, who goes by the stage name “Lady Bunny,” roasted Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell over his tweet that complained about the unvaccinated being able to fly.

Lady Bunny replied, saying that the vaccinated can “transmit and get COVID” and attaching a picture of Eric Swalwell wearing “the least effective kind of mask.” 

Yet, this past Wednesday, Lady Bunny performed at a reception hosted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Chair Sean Patrick Maloney at the House Democrats 2022 Issues Conference.

And Lady Bunny’s shows are “known for rejecting political correctness,” according to Politico Playbook. 

Lady Bunny has also suggested recently that Biden is “senile,” a “liar,” and a “corporate hawk” in a tweet saying that Democrats will lose if they choose Hillary Clinton as their 2024 presidential nominee.

Many Republican congressmen speculated that Democrats rushed through a vote on Wednesday to go see Lady Bunny’s performance.

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Republican Representative Mike Johnson tweeted a picture of the time Lady Bunny’s performance took place in the 2022 Issues Conference and said Democrats are rushing through the vote to see Lady Bunny.

Republican Representative Jim Banks weighed in as well in a tweet, suggesting that the issues retreat should be focused on “gas prices or the crime crisis” instead of “Art and Activism.”