Ex-Trump Lawyer Sues Defunct Jan 6th Committee For Fostering ‘False Narrative’

The fully Democratic appointed and now defunct January 6th Committee was always narrowly focused about pinning the January 6, 2021 riot on President Donald Trump, while repeatedly ignoring easy evidence to the contrary and refusing to seriously examine other interesting pathways that led toward the riot. A committee formed by anti-Trumpers could not be expected to do otherwise. In their pursuit of one man, however, they may have lied to the nation about other persons, according to Just The News.

One such person is Stefan Passantino, a former Trump White House attorney and former attorney to the Committee’s witness Cassidy Hutchinson, who has taken legal action against the Committee members. In his lawsuit he alleges that “members of the Committee, including Representative Liz Cheney, and others, manufactured and promoted a false narrative against Mr. Passantino without ever contacting him, interviewing him, or providing him with notice of the claims against him. Further, the Committee did not provide even elementary due process afforded to every American citizen as they did not provide Mr. Passantino with an opportunity to respond to these allegations.”

It noted that “the Committee exceeded its constitutional authority by conducting an ‘interview’ under false pretenses concealed from Mr. Passantino. To accomplish its objectives, the Committee purposely and maliciously interfered in the attorney-client relationship between Mr. Passantino and his client Cassidy Hutchinson, communicated with his client without his consent, generated a false narrative about that attorney-client relationship and the legal advice he gave his client, and, in concert with news organizations including the CNN News Network and its commentators including Alyssa Farah Griffith, promoted that false narrative to further a political agenda in complete disregard of Mr. Passantino’s rights as a private American citizen.”

The lawsuit claimed that the Committee spun an “outrageous tale to media sources, such as CNN and possibly others, about Mr. Passantino’s non-existent efforts to obstruct their investigation by impacting the testimony of their ‘star’ witness, Cassidy Hutchinson” without any input or interview from Mr. Passantino.

This claim is in response to Ms. Hutchinson reportedly telling the Committee that she “was coerced by Stefan Passantino, her Trump-aligned attorney, to mislead it on how much information she knew. ‘The committee doesn’t know what you can and can’t recall, so we want to be able to use that as much as we can unless you really, really remember something very clearly,’ Hutchinson said Passantino told her.” She therefore committed perjury on the stand before the Committee. It ought to be noted that this tale about her saying the attorney instructed her to do so came after her debacle of public testimony was debunked. It was therefore damage control time for the Committee.

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In Mr. Passantino’s lawsuit he charges that “Mr. Passantino repeatedly reminded Ms. Hutchinson that she should not speculate about things that she did not know. Mr. Passantino specifically informed Ms. Hutchinson not to assume parts of conversations of which she could only hear part. Further, Mr. Passantino encouraged Ms. Hutchinson to comply with the subpoenas and to testify truthfully. Mr. Passantino instructed Ms. Hutchinson to answer questions truthfully and honestly but not to concoct ‘probable answers’ to questions to which she could not know or recall the answers, or which called for expert opinion evidence.”

It further stated that “Ms. Hutchinson testified that ‘Stefan never told me to lie. He specifically told me ‘I don’t want you to perjure yourself.’” She further testified that Mr. Passantino cautioned her that she could not say that she didn’t recall events if she did recall them. She reiterated: “he didn’t tell me to lie. He told me not to lie. ‘Therefore, Mr. Passantino did NOT advise her that she could or should state that she does not recall in response to any questions where she does not recall all the details. Rather, Mr. Passantino gave her standard lawyering instructions that she should testify honestly to what she recalls and nothing else.’”

The lawsuit added that “Given Ms. Hutchinson’s youth and inexperience in legal matters, it is perhaps not surprising that she may not have precisely recalled the instructions that she was given.”

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