“Total Bunk”: DeSantis Slams False Rumors of a Feud with Trump, Reveals the Two are Actually Friends

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for the Republican Party. Many high-profile names are reportedly exploring their candidacy in the presidential election. Two of those names are Former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The media has reported a rift between the two men — a surprising testimony given their historically close alliance and friendship. With these rumors looming, DeSantis had to address the speculation and boy did he handle it! What he said could key us into a Presidential Run of monumental proportions.

Ron DeSantis and Former President Donald Trump have operated on friendly terms since the Florida Governor took office in 2019. Previous to that, DeSantis was a pro-Trump congressman from Flordia’s Sixth Congressional District, first elected in 2012. Indeed, then-Representative DeSantis forcefully defended Trump when Robert Mueller launched his sham investigation into the 2016 Election, and he has supported the President since that time. DeSantis was in Trump’s corner during the 2020 election and spoke at the President’s rallies. The Governor also stood with Trump when the President pressed his famous 2020 election fraud claims. All in all, DeSantis is a real Republican who subscribes to Trump’s America First vision.

That’s why when DeSantis was forced to address an alleged rift between him and President Trump, he pulled no punches and got straight to the point. He did so in an exclusive interview with Fox News this Monday. What the Governor said is sure to settle doubts about where DeSantis and Trump stand. DeSantis reveals that he and Trump are friends, and their alliance runs deep. Here is a transcript:

“Donald Trump’s a friend of mine, and he is proud when people do well, and it’s not just me, but obviously he’s a Florida resident, and he appreciates the job that we’ve done, he’s told me that many times, not only with helping with the election but just how we govern the state … He wants to see Republicans doing well… and I think when media is trying to act like he’s upset at me for doing well, I think that’s total bunk. I think they’re just making it up. And I think he’s somebody that wants to see not just Republicans do well, but people that are actually going to stand and fight do well across the board. Obviously, Florida is an important state, the third-largest state in the country, and really us and Texas are the two biggest states that have sizable Republican footprints, and so we’re proud of that, and we’re going to keep it going.”

DeSantis also addressed the anonymous source close to the President — the person allegedly pushing these rumors. The Governor dismissed these reports out of hand as nothing more than a Democrat smokescreen. Fox News provides the following transcript:

“They’re trying to change the topic, and they’re trying to drive dissension among Republicans. And so, my message to people is, don’t take that bait. Understand what they’re trying to do. We need to be united and say we don’t like what the Biden administration’s doing. We offer a better course in Florida. I think other Republican states are offering a better vision in their states as well. And let’s go into ‘22 with a full head of steam with everybody united on the same team.”

DeSantis will continue to support the President. And so should we. Who knows what 2024 has in store?


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