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Fourth-Generation dairy farmer Stephanie Nash sounded off about President Joe Biden’s recent climate change agenda to Fox News this week, claiming his policies could potentially trigger a food supply crisis within the United States.

“Americans are feeding into this lie that climate change is because of agriculture and climate change is not go zing to get better until farmers and ranchers do better,” Nash told Fox News. “Well, if you continue to kill off our food supply and our American farmers, yeah, we’re not going to have enough food.”

Liberal politicians have long maintained the agriculture industry plays a massive role in enabling the climate change we see today, however, only 11 percent of emissions are due to the agricultural industry.

Transportation, electricity, and industrial energy use make up over three-quarters of America’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“Nash fears the effort to implement green policies across the globe will continue to kill off an already struggling farming industry that’s faced with skyrocketing costs for labor, fuel, seed and fertilizer,” the Fox article added.


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“[Nash] said institutions like the World Economic Forum are ‘scaring us’ with its prediction that by 2050 the global population will demand 70% more food than is consumed today and advocates for an overhaul of food production to meet that supply.”

This news comes after the Netherlands announced a plan to reduce nitrogen emissions by 50 percent, which involves cutting livestock production by 30 percent, according to Carbon Credits. Canada has also reportedly put similar policies in place.

“There’s not a backbone in Washington, D.C.,” Nash asserted boldly. “And there’s not enough family farmers and ranchers in office to protect us around the United States.”

These radical climate actions have no place in America. We need leaders who will bolster our cherished industries and precious resources — not undercut them to benefit other nations. As the Left hinders agriculture at every turn, it may be time to elect leaders who unapologetically put the interests of the American people first, to replace those who only pretend to.