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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has introduced articles of impeachment for Attorney General Merrick Garland following the raid on former President Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida estate last Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

“Impeaching Merrick Brian Garland, Attorney General of the United States, for endangering, compromising, and undermining the justice system of the United States by facilitating the persecution of President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s political rival, Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States,” the articles began.

“In his conduct as Attorney General of the United States, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of the Attorney General of the United States, and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States, Merrick Brian Garland continues to materially endanger the justice system of the United States and empower President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., to persecute his political adversaries at will.”

The articles then explain the specific charges being brought against the attorney general with Article 1 being Garland’s, “personal approval to seek a search warrant for the raid on the home of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, constitutes a blatant attempt to persecute a political opponent.”

“Attorney General Garland has failed to uphold his oath and has instead overseen a denigration of the principles of our democratic republic by politicizing the Department of Justice,” Greene explained, adding, “and utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Federal police force to punish or intimidate anyone who questions or opposes the current regime. Attorney General Garland has taken measures to silence the voice of millions of citizens of the United States by persecuting the former duly elected and lawful President of the United States, and potential Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.”

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While Article 1 focuses on Garland’s personal approval of the warrant to raid Mar-A-Lago, Article 2 focuses on the investigation of the former president over documents that supposedly are classified.

“The Supreme Court upheld in Department of the Navy v. Egan that the President, as Commander in Chief, has the power to control the classification and declassification of documents pertaining to national security,” the document explained, adding, “Attorney General Garland, in persecuting former President Donald J. Trump over documents he legally declassified, has engaged in a pattern of conduct that is incompatible with his duties as a civil officer of the United States.”

Greene goes on to argue that Garland failed to uphold his oath and instead engaged in partisan bias when executing the laws of the nation. 


The Georgia representative goes on to explain that Garland’s efforts to unseal the search warrant used by the FBI is “an attempt to intimidate, harass, and potentially disqualify a political challenger to President Joseph R. Biden Jr.”

It is noteworthy, however, that President Trump has approved the release of the warrant stating his encouragement of such an action on Truth Social: “Not only will I not oppose the release of documents related to the unAmerican, unwarranted, and unnecessary raid and break-in of my home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago, I am going a step further by ENCOURAGING the immediate release of those documents, even though they have been drawn up by radical left Democrats and possible future political opponents, who have a strong and powerful vested interest in attacking me, much as they have done for the last 6 years.”

The articles of impeachment then conclude by summarizing Garland’s perceived political biases: “Garland’s actions run counter to the steps that employees of the executive branch must take to avoid ‘an appearance of loss of impartiality.’

“Garland’s failure to address the conflict of interest arising from the persecution of his employer, President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s, political adversary, Donald J. Trump, demonstrates that he is unfit to hold the office of Attorney General,” the articles continued, adding that Garland, “will remain a threat to the justice system…if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with democracy, self-governance, and the rule of law.”

Speaking outside of the Capitol before filing the resolution, Greene stated, “I’m introducing Articles of Impeachment on Merrick Garland because we cannot tolerate this in America where our great institutions are welded in such a way to defeat people’s political views. That’s not what this is for, and it should never exist.”

It seems that Rep. Greene is willing to take any action necessary to ensure that the Department of Justice is held accountable for their actions and that the American people get answers from the attorney general if an impeachment investigation were to be launched.

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