Country Music Singer John Rich Gives BIG THANK YOU TO FBI For Raiding Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home: ‘You Are Good For Something After All

Following the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate earlier this week, Country music legend and charity donor John Rich thanked the federal government and President Joe Biden, for serving as a catalyst to motivate freedom-loving Americans all over the country to stand up and push back.

“A BIG thank you to Joe’s FBI for raiding Trump’s home! You guys just poured 81 million gallons of premium Patriot octane on an already blazing Freedom fire!” he wrote. “See, you are good for something after all. Much Appreciated! See you in November.”

This isn’t the first time the fiery country music singer has stood up for conservative values.

In June 2021, he openly called out his fellow country music artists, saying, “There are many conservative country music singers that just won’t say anything to push back against the ideologies that aim to erase what they care about,” The Daily Wire reported.

Rich added, “I hope soon we see them start to speak up. The country music industry is out of touch with the audience.”

The declaration about “blazing freedom fire” from “81 million gallons of premium Patriot octane,” doesn’t seem to be a metaphor either. Following the raid, many jumped to Trump’s defense, even those on the opposite side of the political spectrum, as DCE cited in past stories. A convoy also traveled down in droves to the state of Florida to show support on the scene.


The FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) colluded together to make the former president look as bad as possible, only to end up solidifying his base — and perhaps even helping build momentum for an already ruby red election wave set to hit this November.

The 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll — in which attendees cast ballots for the most likely candidates to run in the upcoming elections — had former President Trump polling in at 99 percent, per CNN.

These statistics would stomp out any potential rival within the Republican party — including popular Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.).

To top it all off, these stats were gathered before the raid on his estate, making it possible the former president has garnered even more support from voters across the spectrum between now and then.

While a wokeness driven agenda and talk of coordinated plots against a former Commander-in-Chief continue to plague the Biden Administration, the public only received denials and referrals to other agencies thus far.

It is also important to remember something else Rich said previously, about the history and fabric of great Americans throughout history: “Patton/MacArthur weren’t fueled by soy and wokeness. It was fierce patriotism and the willingness to die for America that saved the world.”

Rich has been quick to point out the declining mental health of Biden as well, telling Megyn Kelly last year that, “In the beginning it’s like, okay, peck at him, poke at him, whatever. It’s really not funny at this point.”

Many have rallied behind the country singer legend, reinforcing his claims about staunchly supporting Trump now, and in 2024. Especially in light of the recent weaponization of America’s government against a former public servant who led the nation — and did it well by anyone’s measure.

What has the United States become where his service is repaid with scorn? Remember to vote this November — and don’t forget to bring a friend.

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