FBI Whistleblower: Bureau's Documents on Biden Bribery Scandal 'Should Concern Every American'

Former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin told a nationwide audience Monday that a subpoenaed document that reportedly lays out a case against President Joe Biden in a $5 million bribery scandal while Vice President under Barack Obama is something "that should concern every American."

According to Newsmax, Seraphin was interviewed on the network's 'John Bachman Now'. He explained in depth the anticipated revelations said to be in the FBI FD-1023 document demanded by the House Oversight Committee and set to be retrieved by Chairman James Comer (R-KY), and ranking Democrat member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD). While the Bureau allowed for the House Oversight leadership to see the document, the FBI is still refusing to hand over the document to the rest of Congress.

  However, Comer, who was allowed to view the document, publicly confirmed to the press that it proves the scandal to be true, and subsequently announced Contempt of Congress hearings for FBI Director Wray set to kick off Thursday.

Seraphin described the contents of the document in detail based on his insider knowledge. "It's protected because it falls under the category of sources and methods, which is to say confidential human sources," he told Bachman.

"This is what you write up after you have a source meeting, a debrief. You go and you meet with a member of the public or somebody who's in a position to know certain things about either a case or a particular threat,"
he continued. "Then you draft it up, and so the name is going to be concealed with an alphanumeric that doesn't tie back to anything except in the FBI source rooms."

Seraphin explained, "They try to shield the information of the person who was providing that information. … I get all that. But if there's anything beyond that that's redacted, this is going to be really what … the telling point is."

"If it is an allegation that is being made, a credible allegation, then we want to know also what sort of investigation was opened up, and did the FBI, in fact, take the logical investigative steps that would be required if someone made a credible allegation that there was criminal fraud, that there was white collar fraud, or that was pay-to-play in the office of the vice presidency, which should concern not just political parties. That should concern every American."

Seraphin told the audience that the release of the document would represent the FBI "letting Americans know exactly the way the FBI looks at itself, which is to say, that it sees itself as an intelligence agency first."

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / Getty Images
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