REPORT: FEC Records Reveal Democrat Dark Money Group Paid $11,254,919 To Commit 'Voter Registration Fraud' In Michigan

Following up on the bombshell report released Tuesday which revealed Michigan State Police documentation alleging a massive enterprise to generate fraudulent voter registrations for the 2020 election, new reports have revealed that a Democrat-aligned dark money super PAC pumped over $11 million into a company implicated by the report to register voters for the 2020 Biden presidential campaign.

According to a lengthy report posted to X App (formerly Twitter) by independent investigative journalist 'KanekoaTheGreat,' "BlackPAC, a Democrat political action committee fueled by undisclosed contributions, funneled $11,254,919 to GBI Strategies LLC in 2020 to register voters for Joe Biden's presidential campaign."

BlackPAC managed over $44 million in funds during the 2020 cycle, according to KanekoaTheGreat, and has actively endorsed Democratic candidates and causes.

As previously reported by DC Enquirer, GBI Strategies, based out of Tennessee, held deep ties to both the Biden campaign and several other Democrat candidates. Upon searching the firm, police found prepaid phone cards, dozens of alleged burner phones, as well as semi-automatic rifles with suppressors, optics, and customized pistols. 

Kanekoa reported that amidst the 2020 election, several Democrat campaigns paid out large sums totaling over $4 million to GBI Strategies LLC. He parsed it out as: "Biden for President: $450,000; Democratic Senatorial Campaign: $2,117,605; DNC Services Corp: $1,031,856; Democratic Party of Iowa: $493,100."

Providing background, they also wrote that Gary Bell, who owns GBI Strategies, reported works for CompMo Group today, a Democrat get-out-the-vote organization. It is likely that the strategies employed by Bell and GBI will be repeated and possibly even improved upon by CompMo in the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign.

As noted by Rogan O’Handley, aka DC Draino, the effort undertaken by GBI may have involved ballots being "mailed to fake addresses, intercepted, and put in dropboxes by mules."

He reported that "Video from Detroit vote count center shows 3 AM drop of estimated 100,000+ ballots w/out GOP supervisors by *rental car* from out of state."

He explained in a Wednesday post after appearing on 'Warroom with Steve Bannon,' "We now know how Democrats rig elections from beginning to end. PACs fund leftist groups like GBI Strategies with $11M+, GBI pays foot soldiers with prepaid money cards to file fraudulent ballot registrations and use burner phones to coordinate distribution, and then they fill out those mail-in ballots and pay mules to put them in drop boxes and do 3 AM vote dumps with no GOP observers."


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