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In a strange but not entirely unexpected move, a federal judge decided on Monday to call Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) to the stand to have him testify about his role — if any — in the investigation of Former President Donald Trump, regarding allegations about lawmakers trying to use their position to sway the outcome of the contentions 2020 Presidential election.

Numerous attempts to derail a potential 2024 run by Trump show the threat he presents to both enemies on the right and left. Every investigation so far into whether or not the president broke any laws related to the 2020 election or his handling of classified information has turned up zero proof of him actually having done anything wrong and have further endeared him to his base and independents.

Graham’s attorneys initially argued his presence as a sitting United States Senator granted him an immunity provision from being called to testify in a matter such as this. The judge, however, claimed the situation was beyond the scope of the Constitutional provision providing said immunity.


The prosecutor, who happens to be the Fulton County District Attorney  — One of the Georgia counties with the most apparent cases of fraud — is alleging the senator made several phone calls to Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, in an effort to alter the results of a state President Biden would allegedly go on to win, despite its long history of voting red almost down ballot for decades.

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It’s unclear what evidence the DA has to prove anything which would amount to criminal proceedings against Graham, Trump, or both. However, the aspect of all of this that sticks out the most is just how far those critical of Trump will go to ensure he won’t be allowed to run for higher office ever again. Whether that means barring him via felony charges, attempting to destroy his reputation, or by any other means necessary.

The mainstream political elites and the press have focused on ousting this president long before 2020. In fact, it seems ever since he emerged from his standard routine of New York City realty, with a message of “draining the swamp” in D.C. and making “America Great Again,” the bounty to end the career of the Business mogul has only grown higher and higher — with this latest stunt of trying to ruin him being one of their more bizarre attempts in recent memory.