Biden Open Border Agenda Stopped in Its Tracks As Judge Blocks Him from Ending Title 42 Migrant Expulsion Program

The Biden Administration took another hit this Friday when a federal judge blocked Biden’s attempt to end Title 42.

The Trump Administration employed this rule to prevent border-crossers from entering our country and spreading communicable diseases. All of this was during the heat of COVID-19. The Biden Administration had planned to end the policy on May 23, 2022, facing bipartisan opposition by doing so.

The judge was responding to a coalition of states opposed to the Biden move. As the New York Times reports:

“Twenty-four states, led by Arizona, Louisiana, and Missouri, sued on April 3, two days after the C.D.C. announcement lifting the public health order, arguing that Title 42’s continued enforcement was needed to avert the threat of a “wave of illegal migration and drug trafficking” and that returning to normal enforcement practices would cause irreparable harm.”

This is a developing story, but it is clear that little is going well for the Biden Administration at the present moment. That much is not looking to change.

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