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As the woke Disney saga continues, parents and groups around the country are springing to action. The move to boycott the Disney Company has become bigger and bigger as Disney doubles down on its woke agenda. Worship Leader and founder of Hold the Line, Sean Feucht, has been very vocal in his stance towards Disney. 

Hold the Line was created by Sean Feucht, in order to stand for fundamental Christian conservative values like faith, the sanctity of life, freedom of speech, and limited government. Hold the Line says “Our mandate is to stand firm and Hold The Line!” Hold the Line has taken a hard stance against the Disney Corporation. 

The organization held a rally outside Disneyland in California. The rally drew quite the crowd of frustrated parents who have had enough of the indoctrination of their children. Many prominent conservative voices showed up at the rally including Sean Feucht, founder and organizer of the event, and Will Witt, author and host of the “Will and Amala Live” show on PragerU. 

Moments of the rally were posted on social media including Sean Feucht leading a “Boycott Disney” chant with a huge megaphone and the entire crowd chanting back. 

As great as the chant “Boycott Disney” is and the guest appearances from anti-woke celebrities like Will Witt, the best moment was when a brave former cast member stood up and took the microphone. She had a message for everyone: “Stand up, now is the time.” Turning Point USA Contributor Drew Hernandez caught the Disney employee’s speech on camera and it went viral. 

Drew Hernandez also interviewed the Feucht to get his thoughts on the subject. Hernandez posed a great question that many Americans sympathize with, “What would your message be to parents right now who’s like Disney is such a fabric of my childhood and my growing up, and it’s so hard for me to let go, I get depressed just thinking about it. What’s your message to parents, anyone who’s feeling that way?” Feucht tackled the difficult question saying “Listen the nostalgia is not worth the perversion of what they’re pushing.”

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The message regarding Disney memories from Feucht is one much of America is battling. Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney movies have been iconic child and family memories for decades. The deterioration of the Walt Disney World Company is heartbreaking.