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The Florida GOP has reason to celebrate after the latest voter registration numbers came in. For the first time in history, the state’s Republicans have a 200,000 vote lead over Democrats heading into this Fall’s midterm elections.

The voting data, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, shows Republicans with a growing registration advantage since December — when they eclipsed Democrats for the first time, gaining a slight edge of over 40,000 voters.

In March, the advantage reportedly shot up to 100,000 and has continued to expand ever since.

“Democrats are falling in line with Joe Biden’s policies that are making Americans’ lives harder and more expensive, but Governor DeSantis is standing in their way, making Florida the firewall for freedom,” DeSantis campaign spokeswoman Lindsey Curnutte said in a statement to Epoch Times.

“It’s no surprise Republican voter registrations are growing at this impressive rate,” she continued. “Simply put, we will prove Florida is a red state in November.”


Florida was once considered a strong liberal state but was then rebranded as a swing state back in 2012 when Barack Obama edged out former GOP nominee and now U.S. Senator from Utah Mitt Romney.

Since 2010, however, the state has elected a number of high-profile Republicans including Rick Scott, who served as Governor and is now also now a U.S. Senator as well.

In 2016, Florida fully swung to the right and helped Donald Trump capture the White House by a similarly narrow margin, and he again won the state again in 2020 by an even larger spread.

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According to the DeSantis campaign, when he was elected governor back in 2018, Republicans trailed Democrats by 300,000 votes. The progress made since then represents a net gain of half a million voters in less than a decade.

Marcus Dixon, executive director of the Democrat Party in Florida, declined to comment when Epoch Times enquired about the Democratic party reportedly abandoning all hopes of even competing in the state during the upcoming election cycles.

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