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Texas Senator Ted Cruz is a brave defender of liberty. Resultantly, Ted Cruz has not been a friend to Fauci and his push for forever restrictions. Of course, as a Conservative, one does not need to oppose vaccinations or masking. If these help your conscience feel at ease, by all means, continue to mask your person and make use of the vaccine. The conscience is a valuable thing after all, and it is immediately the prerogative of the Almighty — not the Government.

The problem is with mandates — that they exist at all and the fact they are pressed on Americas with such force. The Republican Party is the party of conscience. With the exception of RINOs like Mitt Romney, Republicans know mandates and restrictions are not good. And Senator Cruz is at the forefront of the fight for liberty.

In a recent interview on ABC’s “This Week”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the forever-controversial health advisor to President Biden, left the door open for more public health restrictions in the coming months. While the Doctor did not foresee any reason to imposed new mandates, he reminded Americans that the CDC needs to maintain a certain amount of flexibility.

“If we do see a significant surge — particularly one that might result in increased hospitalizations — we have to be prepared to pivot and reinstitute some of those [COVID] restrictions”

Americans have been troubled with these mandates for far too long. It has been over two years since the COVID pandemic started to affect our everyday lives. It is time that we stop the mandates. Americans can and will make fair decisions for themselves and their family. If the public health establishment does not trust Americans with their health, why do they trust Americans with a Democracy?

Ted Cruz went off on this message in a savage tweet. He knows the feelings of his constituents and the public at large. Mandates should be over with. As Americans, it is good time for us to live once again under the reign of conscience. The government’s job is to help aid her citizenry in their own pursuals of the happy life, guided by the dictates of conscience and right reason. Once the Government ceases to protect the common good, it starts to turn inward and not outward. And a government that is focused on its own goals and not the collective actions of its citizens and their moral and spiritual state is a government that is no servant of the people.

Here is the Tweet: