Fox Contributor Savagely Dispels the Myth that Biden is a “Good Guy” in Epic Segment

Fox Contributor Lisa Boothe unloaded on Joe Biden this Tuesday, claiming he was not a “good guy.”

“I think Joe Biden would love to stir things up because he would love to give the FBI and the DOJ an excuse to further weaponize against Americans and against patriotic Americans. You know, and the guy who’s actively trying to imprison his political opponent wants to talk about fascism, right? Unless he’s giving an instructional on how to be a fascist he has no leg to stand on here.” She explained.

“But one of the biggest lies Americans were told is that Joe Biden is a good guy. If you think about it, this is a guy who led two of the most terrible confirmation hearings in American history, where he smeared and slandered Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas when he was Senate Judiciary chairman.”

She continues: “And Mary Ellen Bork, the late Robert Bork’s wife, even wrote to The Wall Street Journal, heading into the 2020 election,  warning us that Joe Biden is a man without a compass who viciously smeared and led a character assassination against her late husband.”

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“This guy is a prolific liar, he is a plagiarist, had to drop out of a previous presidential race because of that.”

Boothe ended by saying, “one of the biggest lies we were ever told is that Joe Biden is a good man. He is a terrible President and an even worse human being.”

These are powerful words. They also are incredibly perceptive. Biden has failed America, and if Americans were told the truth about Biden’s past, perhaps he would never have made it past the primaries.

But the media could not let us know the truth. Instead, they demonized Trump who fought for the side of truth, beauty, and goodness. That is more than you can say about Joe Biden, who has a flawed character as well as a flawed cause — the cause of the radical left. Americans are waking up to the truth it seems, and the Midterms will be the result of a renewed appreciation for the truth.

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