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Franklin Graham is at it again, defending wholesome Christian values with gentleness and respect.  A close ally of President Trump, the Evangelist has never been shy when it comes to voicing his political opinions.

The Gospel has consequences that stretch into the civic sphere, so it is no wonder Graham has been decidedly vocal about many of the significant social issues currently affecting our country. The moral and spiritual health of our great nation is at stake. We cannot ignore God’s Law, nor his Gospel.

That’s why Franklin challenged a once beloved institution that has fallen from grace — the Walt Disney Corporation. And he challenged them in an epic way that will surely have Americans talking.

The son of famed Evangelist Billy Graham, Franklin Graham has continued his father’s legacy in the public square. While his father operated during a decidedly non-Partisan era in American history — meeting with both Democrat and Republican Presidents — Franklin has had a more Conservative sphere of influence.

Perhaps this is due to the decline of Evangelicalism as a cultural force. Maybe the Democrat’s increasingly pro-abortion stance has moved the needle. One thing’s for certain — the Republican Party is the only party that stands for Christian values as the bedrock of our nation.

With Disney’s recent opposition to Florida’s Anti-Grooming bill, it was only to be expected that parents everywhere would be appalled. Children are innocent. It is neither just nor right for children to discuss sexual orientation and gender reassignment with a teacher. While Disney used to represent everything good about America — freedom and family values were at the core of many a Disney story — they have ceased to be a positive force in the world today. Instead, they have aligned themselves with woke ideology.

That which turns woke goes broke. Everyone who really understands woke ideology will know why it has no place in America. America is the land of individual opportunity and freedom of conscience. Wokeism — as applied to gender or critical race theory — is the exact opposite of what the American formularies require.

That Disney is wedded to woekism is a bad sign for our country, for we do not know how long Disney and similar companies were attempting to influence our children and grandchildren with that vile ideology.

That’s where Franklin Graham comes in. After hearing about Disney’s opposition to the in-aptly named “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Graham was forced to act. And he tweeted a killer response that will surely have you nodding in agreement:

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We understand why Billy Graham trusted his children with Disney during their golden era. While Walt Disney trusted in the American dream, modern Disney trusts in the Chinese dream. And America is made all the worse for it. It is time that Conservatives act to produce real alternatives to these old media institutions. Only then can we win the day.