Freedom Convoy Goes International: New Protests Erupt Across Europe, Australia, And New Zealand

On January 15th, the Canadian Government announced that they would be requiring truckers to be vaccinated when re-entering the country by land. Up until the 15th, truckers were exempt from Canadian mandates.

Canadian Truckers, who are heavily impacted by the mandate, have been protesting the government since late January. Protesters throughout Canada have been traveling to Ottawa to disrupt normal operations in Ottawa until the mandates are removed.

Disruptions have gone so far as to target the Ambassador Bridge, halting travel over the busiest international bridge in North America.

The intentions of the protestors expanded to the complete dismantling of Covid restrictions nationwide. Although the number of trucks occupying Ottawa is unclear, Sean Hannity reported that 10,000 trucks were making their way to Ottawa to contribute to the protests. This would put the convoy into contention for the world record, albeit unofficial since no paper was submitted to record it.

The sentiment held by the truckers has crossed international borders. Trucker convoys have sprung up worldwide. Convoys are being planned in Wales, England, and Scotland to protest United Kingdom COVID restrictions. Despite the movement’s GoFundMe being taken down, the protestors remain determined.

In France, according to Reuters, around 200 protestors have come together and are planning to protest the restrictions by driving from Nice to Paris and then on to Brussels to protest at the headquarters of the European Union. In a display of solidarity with the Canadian truckers, the French protestors flew the Canadian flag alongside the French flag.

New Zealanders also participated in this worldwide movement, convoying to occupy Wellington to protest COVID restrictions and mandates. In an attempt to end the protests, New Zealand authorities have made over 100 arrests and shut down parliament grounds in response.

Neighboring New Zealand, Australia, has also seen its citizens take inspiration from the Canadians. Protestors in Canberra gathered outside the Parliament House to display their disdain for the vaccine mandates that plague the country. Many protestors began camping in Canberra, displaying their intentions to stay until changes are made.

The worldwide spread of these anti-mandate protests shows that opposition to the mandates is not uniquely Canadian or American. Working-class individuals from around the world have come together in solidarity to protest their governments and their tyrannical handling of the COVID-19 situation.

Protestors continue to occupy their respective capitals and show little signs that they will give up until the mandates are gone. The people have shown that the choice is clear for their governments: End the restrictions and mandates or the disruptions will not stop.

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