WATCH: Freedom Convoys Heading For Jerusalem Erupt Across Israel as Tens of Thousands of Protestors Demand Return to Normalcy

The Canadian Freedom Convoy launched in January 2022 continues to galvanize citizens worldwide who are tired of tyrannical COVID restrictions. Convoys erupted across Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and have now found their way into Israel.

On Monday morning, convoys formed throughout Israel behind the slogan “Take Back the Wheel.” The convoys started in response to the state of emergency declared in Israel that the government uses to further enforce COVID restrictions. Many in Israel view the use of the state of emergency as undemocratic and tyrannical. The organizers of the event remark that “the role of the government is not to rule but to serve its citizens.

Alongside the main goal of ending the tyrannical use of the state of emergency, the movement also lists 5 other goals:

  • The end of mask mandates

  • The end of testing and safety requirements

  • The return of children to normal routines

  • Full disclosure of contracts and protocols between the Israeli Health Ministry and Pfizer

  • The end of privacy violations through illegal surveillance

According to multiple witnesses, there could be as many as 20-30,000 vehicles voyaging from dozens of cities to Jerusalem. Protestors can be seen gathering on overpasses and the sides of the road cheering on the cars and trucks that sport pro-liberty and anti-mandate slogans. Israeli flags stamped with the Canadian maple leaf fly high in a proud display of solidarity with their Canadian counterparts.

Being one of the most vaccinated and boosted countries, it is understandable why the Israelis are tired of the COVID restrictions that have upended daily life around the globe. Although the root reasons for the protests in Canada and Israel are fundamentally different, the sentiment against unlawful restrictions remains the same: The government has far overreached its bounds and it is time to return to normal.

From Israel to Canada, the convictions are identical. Given that anti-COVID restriction convoys have surfaced around the world, it is evident that people are ready to choose what risk they want to take on in their own lives. COVID is part of life, like the Flu, and it is time for the government to return the freedoms that have been taken away.

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