Biden Administration Using Up American Oil Reserves As Winter Approaches, With No Price Relief In Sight

As Autumn quickly approaches, U.S. petroleum reserves are reportedly reaching a record low, hitting a mark they haven’t slumped to in the past 40 years. Despite this, the Biden Administration has been releasing one million barrels of oil per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve — an emergency crude oil supply — meant for times of crisis.

These steps are being taken to combat the skyrocketing fuel costs that kicked in after President Joe Biden was sworn in, according to the Daily Wire.

“The scale of this release is unprecedented: the world has never had a release of oil reserves at this 1 million per day rate for this length of time,” the White House remarked. “This record release will provide a historic amount of supply to serve as a bridge until the end of the year when domestic production ramps up.”

This new low level regarding oil reserves comes at a terrible time for the U.S., as the Daily Wire reported the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold winter for Americans.

All the while, Biden has refused to work on the Keystone XL pipeline, which would be far more cost-efficient; He instead, continues to blame Russia and Putin for higher fuel prices.

“Putin’s Price Hike hit hard in May here and around the world: high gas prices at the pump, energy, and food prices accounted for around half of the monthly price increases, and gas pump prices are up by $2 a gallon in many places since Russian troops began to threaten Ukraine,” Biden said in a White House statement back in June.


“Even as we continue our work to defend freedom in Ukraine, we must do more — and quickly — to get prices down here in the United States,” he continued.

All the while, the White House continues to claim high gas prices will help push the United States toward renewable energy — a platform that has been constantly pushed by Biden, as if stuck on repeat. 

The high gas prices are a way to make using fossil fuels so financially difficult that it forces a dependence on electric vehicles.

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles,” Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg reportedly commented during a hearing for his federal department.

While the world still revolves around fossil fuels, the Biden administration has made it abundantly clear they’re moving away from them, regardless of the ramifications — or how badly it might impact hard-working Americans, and their wallets.

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