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Transportation Secretary for the Biden Administration, Pete Buttigieg told Congress Tuesday that Americans can ease their price “pain” at the gasoline pump, by buying more electric vehicles or EVs.

The former South Bend mayor was speaking before The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, in light of the fact that gas prices are reportedly up almost 90 percent since Biden’s first term began.

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles,” Buttigieg said. “It’s why we’re hoping you and your [Republican] colleagues might reconsider opposing the reduction of EV upfront prices with tax credits.”

His answer generated immediate pushback from Rep. Carlos Gimenez (R-FL), who ferociously questioned Buttigieg for his remarks.

“So you’re saying the more pain we have, the more benefit we’re gonna get? I think that’s what I heard you say,” Gimenez continued to press.

The former Democratic Presidential candidate quickly backtracked, claiming his words were being misconstrued.


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“Of course – no, no [Buttigieg laughs] that’s what you heard me say?,” he replied. “I know you want me to say it so bad but honestly, sir, what we’re saying — is that we could have no pain at all by making EVs cheaper for everybody and we’d love to have your support on that.”

Gimenez also asked if EVs are cheaper by means of subsidization, or through some other means. Buttigieg conceded their lower price would be due to government subsidization, to which the Florida Republican replied with vigor.

“That doesn’t make it cheaper that means… we’re all paying for it in the end, we’re all paying taxes,” Gimenez hit back.

Gimenez understood the real issue. There is no such thing as a “free lunch.” The American taxpayer is the one who bears the burden for the Democratic Party’s Utopian policies.

Average Americans care about the bread and butter issues, which allow them to put food on the table — they are not ivory tower politicians. Until the Democrats start caring about the real Americans, who feel the effects of their policies, they will continue to lose big in the years ahead.

2022 will likely be a red wave of Biblical proportions — and the nation stands by with bated breath, ready to witness it.