Karma: Georgia Thief Crushed by Car While Allegedly Attempting to Steal Catalytic Converter

On Tuesday, it is believed that a Georgia man who was attempting to steal a catalytic converter from a car was crushed to death during the attempt, according to the Chatham County Police Department.

The man, 32-year-old Matthew Eric Smith, was found dead by South Bound Auto Sales owner Mike Abouharb around 9 A.M. in Chatham County, Georgia, according to WSAV.

“Chatham County Police Department detectives believe an accidental death that occurred on Tuesday at a local business was the result of an attempted catalytic converter theft,” the local police wrote in an update on Facebook.

“Chatham County Police Department officers were called to Prestige Auto Sales at 4513 Ogeechee Road around 9:15 a.m. on March 7, 2023, after a deceased adult male was found under a vehicle in the car lot,” the post continued. “Evidence at the scene indicates that the man was killed while he was illegally removing a catalytic converter from the vehicle, and the vehicle fell on top of him. The deceased was identified as 32-year-old Matthew Eric Smith.”

“In 2022, 39 catalytic converters were stolen in 24 separate incidents in unincorporated Chatham County,” the police added.


The man in question has, according to police records, been arrested over a dozen times, including multiple times within the county, as reported by Breitbart.

The attempt to steal catalytic converters has been a long issue across the country given the valuable metal used to construct them including palladium and platinum.

“We normally don’t publicize every death investigation that we go to. Many are natural, it could be an overdose or something like that, but because of the uniqueness of this case,” said Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley. “We, you know, had wanted the public to know [this so it can] hopefully [act] as a deterrent for anyone [who] had those intentions to go around stealing catalytic converters.”

While Smith’s death is tragic, it is a warning to other potential thief’s that their misdeeds do not go without consequence.

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