‘Go Woke, Go Broke’: Bud Light Sales PLUMMET Following Boycott – ‘This Kind Of Collapse Has Never Occurred’

On Monday, it was revealed that Bud Light has seen its sales numbers plummet in recent weeks after a major boycott was launched in reaction to Anheuser-Busch’s partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

According to Business Beer Daily, Bud Light’s sales have dropped a shocking 26 percent on a year-over-year basis on sales that occur outside of the restaurant and bar sector for the week of April 22.

The news comes as another devastating week for the company after the week of April 15th saw a 21 percent decrease in sales bringing their total sale figures for the year down eight percent, as reported by Outkick.

In response to the news, conservatives celebrated by claiming the sales decreases are a sign that an effective boycott can change company policy.

“Bud Light sales have collapsed by 26% according to new weekly data released today,” wrote Clay Travis. “This kind of collapse has never occurred to a beer company in history.”

“We have devastated Bud Light with this boycott. Easily the most effective conservative boycott in modern American history,” wrote The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. “And it shows us the path forward. All it takes is a little bit of strategic planning and follow-through.”


“Absolutely insane. The Bud Light boycott is working,” wrote Collin Rugg with a video attached showing Anheuser-Busch products not being sold. “Bud Light sales (outside of restaurants and bars) are down 26.1% for the week ending in April 22nd compared to the previous year.”

“Sales were down 21.1% for the week prior. Volumes are down 8% for the year,” he continued. “Coors Light and Miller Light are picking up the slack as their volume was up 13.3% percent 13.6% for the same time frame. Go woke go broke.”

“Sheer brutality. Conservatives finally pull off a massively successful boycott,” wrote Cernovich on Twitter. “I’ve never seen it happen and didn’t think it would work. Shout out to Matt Walsh and others who made it happen.”

“Let Bud Light be a warning to all companies considering going Woke,” DC Draino warned. “We will break you”

The boycott of Anheuser-Busch appears to be a rare moment for conservative America. Normally boycotts like these fall on deaf ears but it appears that everyday Americans have had enough of companies attempting to push a woke ideology onto them. This boycott’s effectiveness will prove to be a warning for any company that attempts to push left-leaning values on conservative Americans.

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