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Ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), said on Tuesday the former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who “shut down” the FBI’s 2020 investigation into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s, laptop story must testify before the Senate.

Grassley said in a speech from the Senate floor, “FBI officials wanted to take action with respect to this separate investigative information the FBI had in its possession related to Hunter Biden. However, Thibault blocked the FBI from doing what would normally be done.”


“Accordingly, the investigative activity and information could not be advanced as it should’ve been, which means the FBI could have gathered more evidence with respect to Hunter Biden but cut bait instead. And the FBI and Thibault cut bait right before the 2020 presidential election,” Grassley added.

“It also calls into question what the FBI’s Baltimore field office is reviewing and whether it’s the full scope of evidence,” Grassley continued.

“How can the American people trust the results of the investigation?” Grassley asked

According to the New York Times, Hunter Biden is currently scrambling to settle an investigation lead by Trump-appointed U.S. prosecutor David Weiss who is investigating him for money laundering, tax fraud, and violating lobby laws.

This isn’t Grassley’s first rodeo with the FBI over the Hunter Biden laptop story. In early August, Grassley  pushed back on FBI reports claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story is “disinformation.”

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“We had concrete information about a lot of things… Hunter Biden has done,” Grassley said.

Back in 2020, Assistant Special Agent Charge Timothy Thibault claimed the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story was “disinformation,” and refused to investigate the matter, per Fox News.

Grassley exposed several employees of the FBI — including Thibault — for attacking prominent conservatives and former President Donald Trump on social media over the case.

“Almost 50 percent of Biden voters knew nothing about Hunter’s laptop scandal, according to polling conducted after the election by the Media Research Center,” The New York Post reported. “And almost 10 percent said they would not have voted for Biden had they known.”

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