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The New York Rangers’ hockey game was one for the books, but not for the reasons you might expect. They did pull off a win against the Carolina Hurricanes, but that’s not the reason everyone is talking about it. At the opening ceremonies, the current governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, was asked to drop the puck at the beginning of the game.

Kathy Hochul has acted like a typical Democrat from the very beginning. After being sworn into office after Gov. Cuomo’s resignation, she was given quite a bit of coverage for the fact that she is the first female governor of New York. She will be on the ballot in New York’s Democrat Primaries that are scheduled for June where she is seeking to be elected.

As the game was about to begin, the announcer said, “But first we would like to announce Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of our state.” This is the moment where the booing began!  The announcer continues with “Governor Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress, and was twice elected Lieutenant Governor.” “Here to drop tonight’s ceremonial first puck, a champion of women’s rights and leader of the great state of New York, please welcome Governor Kathy Hochul.”

The crowd continued to boo and created quite a ruckus during the ceremonial puck drop, you can also clearly hear someone start a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant from somewhere in the stadium. It’s safe to say this wasn’t the governor’s proudest moment. What a way to be remembered during Women’s History Month!