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Joe Biden’s presidency is in turmoil right now. After inheriting a recovering America from President Trump, qualified by general world peace and a new vaccine, everyone was expecting Biden to be a popular President. And for the first few months, he was. President Biden recorded numbers consistent with many former incoming Presidents. But once America got to know “Scranton Joe”, things got bad.

America learned the President does not care about the Border Crisis. Biden does not care about the crisis so much that he appointed Kamala Harris (a failed VP pick) to handle the job. He does not care about the freedom of Americans. He demonizes those who do not comply with his tyrannical mandates. And he does not care about America’s reputation on the world stage. He left Afghanistan in the most disastrous way possible and his rhetoric on Putin was weak and invitational. And now he has helped create an artificial gas price crisis.

2022 is not a good morning for America. Hopefully, the future years will be better.

The Wall Street Journal, by no means a Partisan publication, recently published an article where they analyzed the opinions of most Americans on a potential 2024 Biden run. The article includes a poll. And the results of the poll are stunning. Not only is Joe unpopular — he is also a liability. Joe has to go. The future of the Democrat Party, indeed our democracy, depends on it.

Here are the results of the poll, as reported by Fox News:

“He’s said a handful of times that he intends to run for re-election in 2024, but a new national poll indicates that roughly half of all Americans doubt that President Biden will seek a second term in the White House.

Fifty-two percent of those questioned in a Wall Street Journal survey released on Tuesday said they don’t think the president will launch a re-election campaign, with 29% saying they do expect Biden to seek re-election and 19% unsure.”

Fifty-two percent of Americans are not sure an incumbent U.S. President will run again, despite his assurances to the contrary. That is insane. But in Biden’s America, insanity is the name of the game.