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Today marks the 76th birthday of one President Donald J. Trump. And we are here for it! One of the best Presidents in our history, one would never have guessed Trump was even near that age. He carries himself with vitality and grace unheard of for an American President in recent memory.

Happy Birthday President Trump! We hope and pray to say that many more times over!

We all miss President Trump and his America First agenda. With Trump at the helm, America soared to new heights, heights we had never seen before. We had perhaps the best economy in the history of our country. Trump helped to stabilize the Middle East.

Trump won back the rustbelt from the Democrats by reinvigorating American production. Trump supported the American energy industry. Trump created jobs, made America feared, and created a country we were proud to live in.

Since Biden has taken office, we have been anything but proud of the Administration. He has replaced Trump’s America First agenda with an America Worst agenda. He has destabilized the Middle East. He has destroyed our economy in an impossibly short amount of time.

He has made us look weak on the biggest stage. He has stopped production on Trump’s great, big, beautiful border wall.

Resultantly, America is more divided now than it has ever been. President Trump was the great uniter. He wanted to bring Americans together around a shared national identity. President Biden was often sold as a great uniter but has been more like his predecessor Barrack Obama — the great divider.

With all that said, we hope President Trump fights on for many more years to come. America needs a man like Donald Trump again — perhaps even in 2024. America deserves a leader who puts her concerns first, who is willing to Make America Great Again!

And if Trump has his way, America will be made great again for many years to come. America First will not be stopped, only postponed. But the time of postponing is over.

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2022 and 2024 could signal the return of Trump’s Agenda, and that has Biden very afraid. And he should be. Americans are waking up, and they will not be fooled again!