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On Monday, Kamala Harris spoke at “Thomas Elementary School” in Washington, D.C, to announce the “Biden Harris Action Plan for Building Better School Infrastructure.” Kamala took the podium and announced the new plan saying, “Today, the Department of Energy, therefore, is launching a $500 million grant program, funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to enable public schools to invest in energy upgrades.”

The Biden administration’s policy positions are nothing newsworthy; however, the hypocrisy displayed at this event deserves media attention. What happened after she finished her speech was far more important than her actual speech.

The students were brought up on stage to take a picture with her, but when they came into view of the cameras, something was off. All of the elementary-aged children were wearing masks. But not Kamala Harris. Apparently, she shouldn’t have to wear a mask. After all, she’s a leader. She’s “important.”

Not surprisingly, many are outraged by the Biden-Harris administration’s attitude of elitism. Twitter erupted within hours of the video surfacing. Ted Cruz slammed Kamala Harris in a Twitter post reading “Rules for Thee, But Not For Me.”

Andy Biggs (R-AZ) followed suit, posting a video of the incident on his Twitter feed with the same caption. He also sent a statement, exclusively to the Daily Mail, saying, “It’s abhorrent to see the Vice President of the United States flaunting around a stage with children fully masked next to her. If the Biden-Harris regime had the ability to keep all Americans—including children—in masks forever, they would. Keeping masks on Americans and their children is not following the science.”

The Democrats are finally showing their true colors. They are exposing themselves as elitists, and it isn’t popular. When children are forced into masks, but the adults don’t have to wear them, there is no other word to explain the situation except hypocrisy.

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