Josh Hawley Offers SAVAGE Response to Liberal Professor Following Viral Exchange On Abortion

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) appeared on Fox News Tuesday to offer thoughts on a viral exchange he had with University of California-Berkeley Professor Khiara Bridges, on a series of topics ranging from gender rights to abortion.

He had asked Bridges about the politics of abortion, while also posing the question — ‘What is a woman?’

That simple string of words triggered a clash for the ages, and one you must see.


Soon after, Hawley went on “Hannity,” to discuss what led to the encounter and offer his opinion on how the exchange went.

“You know — here is the modern Democrat Party today, Sean,” he told Fox. “It is that you have to say that ‘men can get pregnant.’ And if you don’t say it, then you are a bigot and you are responsible for violence.”

Hawley never claimed transgender individuals don’t exist. He didn’t call for violence against them. He only fights against the dogma of leftism itself — stating that you have to explicitly agree with their novel manner of speech on the issue, no matter what.



The Missouri Republican then turned to another divisive issue — the presence of biological men in women’s sports. A Rasmussen poll found that 43 percent of Democrats oppose transgender athletes on opposite-sex teams.

“I thought the Left was all about safe spaces, but not for women. Not anymore. Not for young women… Nobody supports this agenda,” Hawley continued.

He also argued the Left’s real goal is to find new ways to censor speech.

“And what they use that as an excuse for Sean — the Left that is — is to censor speech. And you could see, that’s where this witness was going today,” Hawley said. “It’s that, ‘Oh my goodness, your questions could lead to violence. Therefore, you shouldn’t be asking them.’ I mean that was the import of what she said to me… and we see the Left saying that everywhere.

“If you question biological men in women’s sports you are a bigot and you need to be shut down,” he concluded. “We see it at school board meetings. Parents raise these questions — they’re called domestic terrorists. This is the Left’s tactic: You agree with them, or else, they will shut you down, censor your speech, and tell you — you have no rights.”

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