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All too often, our local police officers are dealing with fighting crime and upholding the law. However, sometimes these officers need help too. One good samaritan from Cleveland, Ohio, encountered that firsthand when she witnessed an officer in peril.

Sgt. Ray O’Connor was tossing the ball around with children celebrating the new school year when a barrage of bees began to attack him, causing him to collapse. Just before going unconscious, Sgt. O’Connor told his partner, Officer Brooklyn Barnes, that he was deathly allergic to bees and hadn’t brought his epi-pen.

So while Sgt. O’Connor’s fellow officers rushed him to the nearby squad car to attempt medical aid, Tomika Johnson sprang into action to help the officer in need. Johnson reportedly ran to her house, which was close by, grabbing her son’s epi-pen and quickly returned to the scene. Officer Brooklyn Barnes then injected her collapsed partner with the life-saving dose of epinephrine.

Johnson said, “I don’t even know who I gave the Epi-Pen to that was tending to the officer, Sergeant O’Connor. But I kept yelling, ‘Hit him in the hip! Hit him in the hip!'”


It’s reported that Sgt. O’Connor remained unconscious as his partners hurried him to the hospital in the back of the police cruiser. Doctors later commented that the spring-like reactions of everyone on the scene saved the officer’s life.

Officers in the Cleveland Police Department graciously displayed their thankfulness to Ms. Johnson when the Cleveland Police Department said that her heroics “demonstrated a high regard for human life.” The officers also discovered that Johnson’s son, Zaire, had celebrated a birthday earlier in the week. The band of men and women in blue came together to present Zaire with gifts and a $100 gift card.

The district’s statement regarding Tomika Johnson concluded by saying, “Ms. Johnson and Zaire will be recognized at the City of Cleveland’s Fourth District Awards Ceremony on October 6, 2022 and will receive the city’s ‘Citizen Award’. The above story proves that with the help of the community, lives can be saved. As the card said, Zaire and Ms. Johnson are our heroes,”

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Undoubtedly, the police officers that tirelessly serve our communities are owed an equal level of commitment when it comes to their own situations of help from the citizens they serve.


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