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Democrat appeals to election fraud and voter disenfranchisement are unpatriotic and undemocratic! And it happens more often than you might think. Take this gem from Stacey Abrams, “the Governor of Georgia”, if you ask her and the Democrat Party. Here she is on a Governor’s panel:

And she also, shockingly, insinuated the election was stolen from Georgia voters! As a Democracy, we cannot support these efforts to disenfranchise voters and cast doubt on our fundamental institutions. Our Republic is too valuable of a thing to waste to conspiracy theorists like Stacey Abrams, and as we shall see, Hillary Rodham Clinton:

“I said that the election was stolen from Georgia voters because, under the previous secretary of state, Brian Kemp, millions of voters were — 1.4 million voters were purged from the rolls, thousands of voters were denied the right to vote because of [voter registration processes].”

Truly scary news! If we follow the implications of her remarks, we would have to infer the 2018 election was doubtful! But our elections are secure, indeed, preeminently so. The 2018 elections were free and fair — they resulted in a massive blue wave if you remember. In fact, so was the 2016 election. But you’d have trouble convincing Hillary Clinton of that.

Hillary Clinton is a sore loser. After her emphatic loss to President Trump in 2016, she has pushed conspiracy theories left and right. She promoted the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory in 2016, and well beyond that time. In fact, her own employees outed her as one of the originators of this lie.  But we now know better. And we know now, as we knew then, that Hillary lost the 2016 election. She on the other hand? It is not clear Clinton has got the picture. As the Daily Caller reports:

“Hillary Clinton is refusing to back down from claims that she did not fairly win the 2016 presidential election, claiming in an interview published Friday that her losses in two key states were due to voter suppression… 

The former secretary of state and two-time presidential loser told the Financial Times that voters were turned away from the polls in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Detroit, Michigan — two Democratic strongholds in states the party lost for the first time since 1984 and 1988, respectively.”

Here is what she said to the Financial Times:

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“Literally within hours of the polls closing in 2016, we had so much evidence pouring in about voters being turned away in Milwaukee and not being able to vote in Detroit … These states were run by Republicans so there was no way to find out the truth about any of them. I also believe in peaceful succession and transition and all of that.”

We will never know? I think we all know what happened. She lost a winnable election. And per her strategy, she blames Republicans. That’s their playbook. But as defenders of our fundamental institutions, we know better than to listen to them.