Howard Stern Urges Comedian to Run for President

In a new report from the leftist website Huffington Post, satellite radio host Howard Stern urged comedian Jon Steward to launch a campaign for President of the United States. Stern predicted that if the former ‘The Daily Show’ host were to step into the race, he would win calling it a “slam dunk.”

“Over vacation, I’m watching a ton of this one guy and I’m watching him debate all kinds of different people. Going back years ago he was debating Bill O’Reilly… And he came off brilliantly,” Stern said.

“He knew more than any of them. And his name is Jon Stewart. Jon Stewart. Now listen, bear with me Robin. When Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show, they said that he was the most trusted newsman in the country. Like Walter Cronkite trustworthy.”


Stern told his SiriusXM subscribed audience, “That guy is so f***ing smart and bright and also witty and really measured when he takes on a debate,” in a clip posted by Mediaite cited by Huffpo.

Co-host Robin Quivers agreed, “And he really cares. The reason you can debate him on any issue is because he cares about the issue.”

“You know he would work his ass off to be a good president. I’m telling you, he could also win cause people like Jon Stewart,” Stern continued, not letting up.

“But he gave up The Daily Show because it was too much,” Quivers correctly observed.

“Well, he owes it to his country to run,” Stern said. “It’s a lot more work. But the guy would be terrific and I think he’d do it. So I’m putting it out there,” he added, admitting that he hasn’t spoken to Stewart about the idea.

Stern in the last five years exposed himself as being vehemently anti-Trump. In 2020 he even claimed that the former President despises his supporters. “The oddity in all of this is the people Trump despises most, love him the most,” he claimed. Though he told Deadline that he doesn’t hate the former President, he does hold a deep dislike for his supporters.

“I don’t hate Donald,” Stern said. “I hate you for voting for him, for not having intelligence.”

He told the New York Daily News in 2021, “I was never a Democrat. I voted for tons of Republicans. But I really don’t think I could ever, ever vomit up a vote for a Republican again. I don’t think so.”

Though not a Republican by any stretch, Stewart has in recent weeks come out strongly against those who hid the origins of COVID-19.

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