Hungary Comes To Tucker Carlson's Aid After EU Politicians Threaten To Sanction Him

On Thursday evening, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson released his highly anticipated interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Despite threats from European Union parliamentarians to sanction him or ban him from travel, Carlson decided to go ahead with publishing the interview anyway. The conservative commentator was likely reassured that sanctions would not be placed on him, given that Hungary promised to block any effort to do so.

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, EU Parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt explained that Carlson could face sanctions or even a travel ban given that Carlson is viewed by him to be a "mouthpiece" of 45th President Donald Trump and President Putin. "As Putin is a war criminal and the EU sanctions all who assist him in that effort, it seems logical that the External Action Service examine his case as well," Verhofstadt claimed.

While Carlson explained that he wanted to bring the full picture of the war in Ukraine to the American people via the interview, former MEP Luis Garicano told Newsweek that Carlson is a propagandist. "He is no longer a newsman, but a propagandist for the most heinous regime on European soil and the one which is most dangerous to our peace and security," Garicano said.

In response to the MEPs' comments, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's political director, Balázs Orbán, took to X to write, "Don't bother trying - we won't let it happen!" As a member of the European Union, the nation of Hungary has the ability to veto any efforts to sanction an individual via the European Council. 

Carlson thankfully went ahead with publishing his interview despite the threats because millions of people worldwide viewed the two-hour interview. The widely viewed interview surpassed 100 million views in less than 14 hours after it was published and has continued to gain viewership from around the world thanks to Elon Musk's X platform.

The interview, which was published at 6:25 PM EST, quickly racked up millions of views within minutes of its publication. Nearly 15 hours after its publication, the post has 121.5 million views, 55,000 comments, 246,000 reposts, 776,000 likes, and 229,000 bookmarks. The interview is a historic win for Carlson, who has become even more popular after being ousted from Fox News and founding The Tucker Carlson Network.

Globalist European Union parliamentarians attempted to stop Carlson from publishing his interview. Luckily for the millions of Americans who tune in to Carlson's interviews every week, the conservative commentator wasn't afraid to risk his own career for an opportunity to seek the truth.

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