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The left is abandoning their long-held defense of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, after his ‘sexscapade adventures,’ drug use, and illegal overseas dealings with big oil just as the November general elections approach.

Staunch left-wing CNN talking head Briana Stelter announced Sunday on the podcast “Reliable Sources,” that the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden “is not just a right-wing media story.” This statement sent shockwaves over the political landscape because it marks the first time a prominent figure on the left has conceded the seriousness of the situation — and of the allegations being pressed upon the President’s son.

Stelter is not alone in acknowledging Hunter’s breaches of law and ethics; other notable figures on the left, in fact, seem to be following suit. Max Rose (D), a candidate for New York’s 11th congressional district, remarked there was no doubt in his mind that what “Hunter Biden did was wrong.” Specifically, “being on [Ukrainian energy company] Burisma board and engaging in whatever else he dealt with.”

It is unclear whether or not the dis-association with the Hunter Biden is happening because commentators are having true epiphanies — or just because it is so overwhelmingly clear he did wrong that it’s impossible to downplay anymore. One thing remains evident.

If those on the left are seeking any form of a victory this November, abandoning most of the rhetorical liberal sludge they’ve been holding onto for so long is vital to their cause.


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With an astonishing number of key voting blocs switching from Democrat to Republican, it seems the tactics that have been employed thus far by those at the helm of the Democratic Party, simply aren’t working anymore.

At Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, Matt Gaetz announced the FBI had allegedly lost Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” He then, however, varnished his own hard drive with the entirety of the laptop’s data uploaded. So, it appears even the federal agencies are doing their best to cover up the enormous mess of the Hunter scandal.

At present, all Republicans have to do to win in November is have a beating heart and an IQ above Joe’s, which sits somewhere in the low single digits.

Evidently, voters are becoming a lot more aware of the not-so-abnormal tendencies of double standards that exist in Washington, and it’s not something they’re willing to sweep under the rug. Especially when inflation continues to come knocking at their doors — and gas prices show no sign of wavering from their upward trend.

Americans want accountability and positive action, not blame-shifting, and woke policy. Voters will have a chance to change all that come this Fall, by having their voices heard at the ballot box.