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Hunter Biden again finds himself in ever hotter water as the U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams seeks to prosecute his former business partner, Devon Archer. Archer was convicted of attempting to defraud a Native American tribe in a $60 million dollar scandal.

The prosecutors from the Southern District of New York recommend to Abrams that Archer spend 30 months in prison – the same sentencing as his co-defendant, Bevan Cooney.

In light of this, Archer’s attorney pleaded with Abrams for a non-custodial sentence rather than the aforementioned prison time.

Archer’s attorney argued that he “has been subject to pretrial supervision for nearly seven years during which he has a spotless record of compliance, has lived an otherwise exemplary life, and has already suffered greatly due to the collateral consequences of his arrest, trial and conviction.”

His attorney further pleaded with Abrams saying that Archer has “watched his reputation and career systemically crumble” and that he “and his family have been affected financially and are currently severely cash-negative.”

Abrams was not convinced, citing his “multimillion-dollar Brooklyn townhouse” and his “second residence in the Hamptons, both of which have significant equity” She continued that “he and his wife own investment assets worth more than several million dollars.”

“In short, while Archer may well be living beyond his current means, he is nonetheless living an indisputably privileged lifestyle and nothing about his finances warrants a reduction in sentence.”

Although Abrams is an Obama appointee and therefore linked to the Bidens, the response to the request for a non-custodial sentence indicates that she will likely not be partial to Archer when he is sentenced on Monday.

Should she grant Archer anything less than a prison sentence, it will call into question just how well connected and determined the Biden family is to protect its name and assets.

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If Archer accepts a reduced sentence in exchange for testimony on Hunter’s business dealings, then Hunter and his family will surely feel the pressure.

Given the incoming sentencing and ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden’s tax affairs, Hunter should have enough to worry about, but his ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, testified for 5 hours on February 15th detailing Hunter’s spending habits in 2018.

JP Morgan, a bank that Kestan and the Biden circle have accounts at, was issued a subpoena by the Delaware attorney for suspicious transactions involving the Bank of China.

With the direction the investigation is heading, the President’s family could find itself in a scandal that it is unable to cover up. Although the investigation does not implicate the President, Hunter has proven to be a major liability for the Biden family and may end up being its undoing.