Rising In The Polls Against Biden, Kennedy Jr. Takes Surprising Position On Transgender Athletes In Women’s Sports

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (D) has come out against the modern left announcing that he is against biological males participating in women’s sports.

Kennedy was interviewed on CNN and went over a multitude of different issues and discussed why he would be running. One that stuck out was Kennedy’s opinions on transgender females participating in women’s sports. 

Kennedy said he is “against people participating in women’s sports who are biologically male.” He went further on the issue stating that women have “worked too hard to develop women’s sports over the past 30 years.” When it comes to transgender athletes joining, he states “I don’t think that’s fair.”

Kennedy announced on April 19th that he intended to run against incumbent President Joseph Biden (D). As for his reasoning to run against the sitting president, RFK Jr. claimed that on many different issues he and Biden “differ dramatically.”

His opinions come in stark contrast to the current Biden administration, which recently proposed a controversial rule that would outright ban schools and colleges across the United States from restricting transgender athletes from participating in sports, per AP News.


The issue of transgender athletes participating in women’s sports has been pushed to the forefront of the news since Lia Thomas dominated women’s collegiate swimming last year. 

Last week House Republicans passed a bill that would ban transgender female athletes from participating in women’s sports by amending Title IX to only include biologically female athletes and not transgender athletes. It goes even further to revoke federal funding for women’s athletic programs that allow transgender athletes to participate in events to ensure protection for biologically female athletes in sports. 

The act, named The Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, passed in a 219-203 vote without a single Democrat voting in favor of the measure, per the New York Post. Biden has already announced that he would veto the bill were it to reach his desk.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not the first Democrat presidential candidate to run against Biden, with Marianne Williamson (D) having announced her run for the nomination in March, per NBC.

It’s reassuring to see that members on the opposite side of the aisle can also see the issues being brought forth by the radical left, and how it can affect everyday Americans. As Robert F. Kennedy said “I think our country’s heading in a bad direction,” and hopefully he can bring some sense and stability to the Democratic Party.

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images / Getty Images
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