I Know 'Why Fox Canceled His Show': Tucker Carlson Biography Author Reveals The Real Reason Why Fox News Fired The Conservative Pundit

On Monday, it was revealed by the author of a new biography on former Fox News host Tucker Carlson the real reason why Carlson was fired by the network.

"For the last year, I've been writing the definitive biography of [Tucker Carlson], based on thorough research and 100+ hours of interviews," wrote author Chadwick Moore on Twitter. "But there's some info that can't wait for July 18: the scoop on why Fox canceled his show."

In a video attached, Moore detailed why Fox fired the most watched man in television with Moore explaining that it was a combination of what Carlson was going to say on his Monday show and the $787 million lawsuit settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

"I worked closely with Tucker when he was taken off of the air by Fox," Moore explained, adding that he saw the monologue that Tucker was going to deliver on Monday, April 24th.

He went on to explain that the monologue went into detail about January 6th and Ray Epps, who on that weekend appeared in a '60 Minutes' expose where he claimed to be innocent of what Carlson was claiming, that being that Epps was an FBI informant.


"Ironically, a good part of the monologue also dealt with the people and forces that are trying to silence him like AOC and others in government," the author said. "It has now been reported that his firing was a condition demanded by Dominion as part of a settlement with Fox. Although Dominion has denied this, my sources have intimate knowledge of the situation and they have assured me that even before this news leaked that this is in fact the truth."

He then went on to explain that a small group of people running Dominion were able to silence the "most important and influential conservative voice in the country possibly until after the next presidential election."

The biography author explained that he does not expect Carlson to be silenced for long. This point is particularly true given that the conservative pundit announced a show that will broadcast on Twitter exclusively in the coming months.

Moore then went on to promote the biography which can be preordered at www.tuckerthebook.com and is set to release on July 18th.

It is clear that Moore has insider knowledge about what went down at Fox during Tucker's firing and given the close relationship he has with the former host it is all but certain that the evidence he laid out is what really happened.

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Janos Kummer/Getty Images / Getty Images
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