'I Think We Could Lose The Whole Thing': Dem Senator Says Trump Could Win By 'A Landslide' With Biden At The Top Of The Ticket

During a CNN interview on Tuesday, Sen. Michael Bennett (D-CO) explained to CNN's Katilin Collins that President Joe Biden will surely lose to Donald Trump in November if he stays in the race, even suggesting that the 81-year-old Democrat could lose "in a landslide." The comment comes after congressional Democrats caucused earlier in the day to discuss the impact of Biden's candidacy on down-ballot races and after Sens. Bennett, Jon Tester (D-MT), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) told their colleagues that Biden would not be able to win re-election later this year.

When confronted with the report of Bennett's comments to his fellow Democrat senators, the Colorado Democrat confirmed that he believes that the president can't win re-election. "This race is on a trajectory that is very worrisome if you care about the future of this country. Joe Biden was nine points up at this time the last time he was running. Hillary Clinton was five points up. This is the first time in more than 20 years that a Republican president is up during this part of the campaign. Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election and maybe win it by a landslide and take with him the Senate and the House. For me, this isn't a question of polling. It's not a question of politics. It is a moral question about the future of our country and I think it is critically important for us to come to grips with what we face if together we put this country on the path of electing Donald Trump again."

Since the debate, President Trump has led multiple national polls and continued dominating swing-state polling. According to the FiveThirtyEight polling average, Trump is up by 2.3 points in a national head-to-head race as the White House attempts to do damage control following the president's terrible performance at the first debate in front of 51 million Americans. "The White House in the time since that disastrous debate, I think, has done nothing to really demonstrate that they have a plan to win this election, that they have a convincing plan to win in the battleground states, where we have to win, in order to win this election," Bennett told the CNN host.

"I have no pleasure being here at all. I believe those of us who are in this elected office have a moral obligation to the people that we represent…we have a moral obligation to them to do everything we can to make sure their future is as bright as it can be," the Colorado senator said. "And if we just sit on our hands and if we say we're going to disregard what is plainly in front of us and we end up electing Donald Trump as president of the United States, that is going to be a huge tragedy of epic proportions, and it's something I can't live with." 

Only a handful of Democrat representatives have called upon President Biden to step aside and allow a more youthful candidate to take his place at the top of the ticket. While no Democrat senators have yet to call for Biden to withdraw directly, Bennett's comments are about as close as you can get without saying it outright.


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