Left-Wing Nonprofit Scores $171.7 Million-$1 Billion Government Contract To Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Authorities

A liberal non-profit group has been given a taxpayer-funded government contract worth at least $171.7 million — which could potentially reach just under $1 billion — for assisting illegal immigrant minors in avoiding capture or incarceration by U.S. Border Patrol and state officials.

The Department of the Interior was the awarding agency and “The Vera Institute of Justice,” based out of New York — which supports the “defund the police” movement and has lax views on immigration enforcement — was the beneficiary.

Health and Human Services (HHS) had initially funded the contract back in March, Fox News Digital discovered, to “provide legal assistance to unaccompanied minors, according to a federal database.”

The deal is structured to last until March of 2023 but it has the potential to reach $983 million if it is renewed through 2027, USASpending showed.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reportedly claimed to have had more than 100,000 encounters with unaccompanied minors in the fiscal year 2022.


The Biden Administration has received criticism for its recent handling of the Southern Border crisis and has been accused of purposely relaxing enforcement of federal law to allow crossing to continue. This, despite criminal cartel activity, drug pushing, human trafficking, and the extreme risks such a journey poses to each migrant.

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed an Executive Order just last week, instructing the state National Guard and the state Department of Public Safety to return any illegal immigrants attempting to cross the United States Southern Border, back to their point of entry. 

Abbott laid out the case for his directive point by point, highlighting a lack of action by the federal government, the evil nature of drug cartels, a story of 53 migrants who were recently found dead in the back of a tractor-trailer, terrorists taking advantage of loopholes to gain undetected entry, and Biden’s complete lack of interest in helping with the crisis.

“Securing the international border is the federal government’s responsibility, but President Biden has refused to enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress,” he wrote. “Including statutes mandating detention of certain immigrants who have claimed asylum or committed a crime.”

“The cartels refer to these open-border policies as la invitación (‘the invitation’) reflecting the perception that President Biden welcomes immigrants to make the dangerous trek across our southern border,” Abbott continued. “An immigrant’s journey to the United States can even prove fatal, as evidenced by the recent discovery of 53 dead bodies inside a smuggler’s truck, and by a recent report from a United Nations agency describing our southern border as the deadliest land crossing in the world during President Biden’s first year in office.”

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