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Six suspected terrorists were apprehended by customs officials last month, as illegal immigrant encounters at the Southern Border continue to hit record highs, with over 207,000 in June alone.

From October 2021 to May 2022, Border Patrol units encountered 54 suspected terrorists crossing the U.S.-Mexican border at ports of entry — and 56 suspected terrorists who were between ports of entry.

There has been a noticeable uptick in these incidents with suspected terrorists between ports of entry compared to previous years. Back in 2021, there were only 15 encounters. 2020 saw only three, and 2019 saw none.

Of the overall 207,000 encounters in June, over two-thirds were single adults.

That sheer number marks the most migrant encounters the U.S. has seen since the year 2000, however, figures have decreased when compared to previous months.

In addition to potential terror issues, June saw drug seizure numbers fluctuate dramatically with cocaine increasing 62 percent, methamphetamine increasing 14 percent, heroin decreasing 49 percent, and fentanyl seizures decreasing 41 percent.


Fewer than half of the migrants approached by Border Patrol were deported under Title 42 — the pandemic order that allowed for the expulsion of migrants due to COVID-19 — with only 92,274 being expelled in total.

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Despite this relatively small number, the Biden administration continues its attempts to overturn Title 42 and other Trump-era policies related to illegal immigration and border security

Biden has so far unsuccessfully attempted to end Title 42 and was halted from doing so by federal judges in May, per The Texas Tribune.

In addition, Biden, who has refused to visit the southern border, is going after Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy which helped alleviate many of these issues during his presidency.

As the White House continues to ignore this unprecedented crisis on the border, Americans are dealing with the dangerous consequences of increased drugs coming into the country, human trafficking, cartel violence, millions of illegal immigrants coming in with no background checks, and a growing number of suspected terrorists just itching to sneak across — and defy our sovereignty in the name of committing evil deeds.

Americans will have something to say about this come November, as previous predictions of a red wave at the ballot box seem likelier by the minute.

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