Large American Insurance Provider Backs Away from Targeting Five-Year-Olds with Woke Gender Ideology After Getting Called Out in the Media

In America, most people buy insurance to give a layer of protection to themselves and their families in the case of an emergency, but most don’t anticipate that the companies that are supposed to protect them may be targeting their very own children. 

Consumers Research is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to increasing “the knowledge and understanding of issues, policies, products, and services of concern to consumers and to promote the freedom to act on that knowledge and understanding.” 

They recently launched a campaign against the well-known insurance company State Farm after the company allegedly asked employees to participate in a program where they “donate” gender identity books to public libraries in the hopes young children would read them. 

According to Consumers Research, a whistleblower came forward with an email that was sent to State Farm agents. According to the email received, State Farm was partnering with a group called the “Gender Cool Project” and was asking for six team members to sign up to receive special books that will then be sent to local libraries. According to the email received, these books target gender identity for ages 5+.

According to the email, this program was nationwide; however, this specific email was sent to State Farm agents in the state of Florida. Consumer’s Report started a campaign against State Farm and created the new slogan “Like a Creepy Neighbor” to raise awareness of what is going on.

Fox News picked up the story and interviewed the Executive Director of Consumers Research, Will Hild, who told Fox News exclusively, “We wanna call them out for that activity and notify parents and customers of State Farm’s activity, so they can hopefully get them to cut it out, but at the very least make sure that their kids were not approached by State Farm.”

According to Fox News, the “Gender Cool Project” partnership with State Farm ended after it was leaked to the news. This is a major victory for conservatives and traditionalists who are not okay with businesses becoming so overtly Left wing and political.

Love to see it!

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