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No, you didn’t read that wrong; The induction of new agents into the International Revenue Service (IRS), now involves being trained with firearms.

News of this shocking discovery began circulating when a list of requirements for new “recruits” went viral on social media.

The IRS quickly took action to remove this requirement, due to intense backlash from the general public. Then another story began developing about the tax collecting agencies’ campaign to expand hiring by more than 87,000 new agents — making it larger than the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Pentagon, State Department, and Border Patrol Agency combined.

Photos of IRS Employees being trained with guns in a mock-combat scenario were recently released and have only served to feed the fallout.


The fact that these stories were released just a few days earlier, indicating the IRS spent more than $700,000 on weapons-grade ammunition, didn’t help ease public disapproval either.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) proposed new legislation to prevent the IRS from being able to carry out this massive recent hiring spree.

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Collins, who voted to impeach Former President Donald Trump, then stated she’d also vote to acquit him because he’d “learned his lesson,” — said in light of her new bill, “Americans deserve a government that is responsive. Due in large part to lax telework policies, however, the IRS has consistently failed to provide taxpayers with the service they should expect.”

With widespread criticism of the IRS continuing to rise, it’s possible the bill could fail to pass even in a legislature controlled by the left. Yet, despite the growing disapproval of the IRS, the Biden Administration and the media continue to downplay the situation and blame conservatives for making the issue bigger than it is.

In contrast, pictures of newly hired employees being trained with handguns, as well as legitimate proof that the agency requires these new recruits to be prepared to fire a weapon, should speak for itself.

The left’s horrific relegation of the Second Amendment down to something that is simply “not an absolute,” according to Biden, while simultaneously arming those charged with collecting citizens’ paychecks, seems hypocritical in every way.

It’s not currently known whether or not the IRS will be allowed to make these drastic changes in personnel or not, but if they do, it is almost a certainty that the American public will hit back — and hit back hard. Remember to vote in November.