Israel Launches Military Operation Into Gaza, Jihadi’s ‘Time is Up’

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched Operation “Breaking Dawn” in the Gaza Strip late last week to hit multiple Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist targets, leading to Tayseer al-Jabari, a senior Islamic Jihad leader, being killed in the process.

This operation comes after Israeli intelligence discovered an attack was imminent on Israelis living near Gaza, which had forced residents to stay sheltered since last Tuesday.

Israel Defense Forces chief Aviv Kohavi toured the IDF’s Gaza division the day before the operation and ordered the unit to be on alert, in anticipation of an escalation after Israeli forces arrested Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s terrorist leader Bassam al-Saadi in Jenin last Monday, according to The Daily Wire.

The following day, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz visited the IDF’s southern command center to hold a situation assessment of the ongoing danger to residents.

“The situation in Israel’s south is tense,” the minister said. “I came here today, with the IDF’s Chief of the General Staff, head of the ISA, and General of the Southern Command, in order to conduct a situational assessment, and to prepare the actions that will remove the threat on this region, in accordance with the operational considerations of the State of Israel.”


“From here, I will travel to meet with the region’s community leaders. First, I would like to express my support for all of the communities bordering Gaza. The State of Israel has the duty and responsibility to defend and protect you. The citizens of Israel and the residents of Israel’s south, in particular, have shown extraordinary resilience over the years. Our mission is to ensure that the tension ceases and that routine returns,” Gantz added.

“To our enemies, and specifically to the leadership of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, I would like to emphasize: Your time is up,” he emphasized. “The threat [on this region] will be removed one way or another. The situation in which several terrorists (some of which are not even located in this area), hold the Gazan people hostage – will backfire.”

“We do not seek conflict, yet we will not hesitate to defend our citizens if required. The State of Israel and the IDF will continue its operations, knowing the responsibility we bear on our shoulders – to defend the communities and citizens of Israel’s south. And to defend the citizens of the entire State of Israel,” the defense minister concluded.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in response to threats made by terrorist organizations: “Let everyone who rises to attack Israel know that we will reach him,” 

Israel’s military forces have proven once again they will do anything, including launch a preemptive attack, to protect their citizens from radical Islamic terrorism.

With a nation surrounded by enemies, such boldness is necessary to eliminate the adversaries of one of America’s strongest allies.

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