It's 'Organized Crime': Chairman Comer Reveals That The FBI Possesses Even More Informant Documents Detailing Biden's Bribery - 'Over $20 Million'

On Thursday evening, Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-KY) joined Sean Hannity to discuss the Biden bribery scandal and the recent indictment of 45th President Donald Trump for his supposed possession of 'classified' documents that were seized during the Mar-a-Lago raid last year. 

The indictment of Trump includes seven charges including illegal retention of classified documents, obstruction, and conspiracy. The Republican candidate will appear in court on Tuesday in Maimi, Florida.

During the interview, Rep. Comer pointed out that the indictment comes on the heels of the release of FD-1023, the document alleging a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian Burisma executive to President Biden in exchange for the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor general, to the House Oversight Committee.

Comer explained that the informant document has been in possession of the FBI since 2020 and that the informant has been in contact with them for years. The chairman also emphasized that this is one of the most credible informants that the FBI has.

Comer explained that the 1023 implicated both Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, saying, "This was years before our work on the Oversight Committee brought out the fact that the Biden family were using multiple banks and multiple shell companies to launder money from foreign nationals. Nobody knew about this back in 2020."

"It specifically says by their trusted human informant that the payer of these bribes bragged that the way that Biden wanted the money distributed that it would take investigators ten years to track the money," he said, adding that so far they have found money from Romania, China, and now Ukraine.

The interview then shifted to the two-tier justice system that is developing with Comer saying, "Joe Biden has handled classified documents in a much more severe manner than Donald Trump ever mishandled classified documents... This is a pattern of the FBI not investigating anything with respect to Biden. Look at what they had with the Steele dossier, which had no credible source, compared to what they have with this 1023 on Joe Biden from their most trusted credible source."

Comer also revealed that there are other 1023 documents that the FBI is holding onto and emphasized that the House Oversight Committee will be forcing the Bureau to hand them over.

At the conclusion of the interview, Comer revealed that the bribery that took place could equate to as much as $20 million. "According to Bill Barr and according to the FBI, this 1023 being passed over to the U.S. attorney in Delaware means that Joe Biden is currently under investigation for bribery by a U.S. attorney," Comer concluded.

In response to the interview with Comer, President Trump took to Truth Social, writing, "They are also going after me as RETRIBUTION for the Republicans in Congress going after them. The difference is, they have created major crimes, I have created none!"

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