Hollywood Star SLAMS Cancel Culture And Shelving Of Forgotten Film, But The Reason Is Perplexing

Hollywood Star Jamie Foxx slammed cancel culture last week, claiming it was the primary reason for a recent film of his getting shelved — 2016’s “All Star Weekend,” which saw Foxx appear in white-face.

“It’s been tough with the lay of the land when it comes to comedy,” he told Cinema Blend. “We’re trying to break open the sensitive corners where people go back to laughing again.”

Foxx sporting white-face is not the only controversy surrounding the film. Actor Robert Downey Jr. plays a Hispanic character in the movie, and according to TMZ, that is the principal reason the movie getting canned.

“The buzz … it has to do with casting a white star to play a Mexican man.” TMZ reported.

Now, Robert Downey Jr. has played other races in films before. He sported blackface in 2008’s “Tropic Thunder.”


“Jamie, who plays a white racist cop in the film among other roles, thought RDJ was the man for the role after he played a white man in blackface in ‘Tropic Thunder,’ but the actor apparently needed some convincing before signing on.” TMZ according to TMZ. “Jamie says he had to tell Robert, ‘You played the black dude and you killed that s***. We got to be able to do characters.'”

The hypocrisy of Hollywood is clear here — perhaps more than ever. They are constantly moving the goal post. A mere 14 years ago, Downey Jr. could play a black character (or a white character who himself is playing a black character) with very limited controversy. In fact, he was even nominated for an Oscar for his role as Sgt. Lincoln Osiris.

If the TMZ report is true, there is a major inconsistency with this story. Somehow, Foxx is allowed to sport a white face, but Robert Downey Jr, a white actor, can’t play a Hispanic character? After having already successfully acted in blackface?

The Left does condemn with some consistency, but they can no longer endorse one side and attack the other without causing further societal rifts and losing major amounts of money at the box office.

We can expect nothing better, however, from leftist elites who think they’ve made all the rules we have to play by. Cancel culture must stop now and so must the politicians who support and laud Hollywood, as if they were royalty.

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