Woke Imperialism: Japan FORCED Into Passing Pro-LGBTQ Laws By American Ambassador Despite Citizens Pushback

Conservative voices in Japan have come out in droves to push against the LGBTQ agenda that is being forced down on citizens by President Joe Biden’s ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel has been forcibly inserting himself into Japan’s domestic policy, heavily pushing Japan to create legislation against discrimination against members of the LGBTQ group. 

Japanese lawmakers have been spending months crafting a bill that will address the concerns forced onto them by Emanuel, but have yet to create anything that has had a chance of passing through the Japanese legislature. The conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has agreed to focus its efforts on writing the bill, having announced its intent to submit a bill before the G7 Summit, which will begin Friday in Hiroshima. 

Per The Japan Times, the bill is an attempt to “foster understanding of sexual minorities” within the Land of the Rising Sun. The bill has garnered much controversy from all walks of life in Japan, with members of the LGBTQ community opposing it as well as Japanese women expressing concerns about permitting men into female public spaces. Japan commonly has people bathing together in public bathhouses, which are only separated by gender.

The LDP has stated that the version of the bill this week will work to address the concerns brought about by the bill. 

Per The Japan Times, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP), the largest opposition to the LDP, has also given major skepticism towards the LDP’s proposed versions of the bill. “Considering that this law should protect the parties involved, we as the CDP need to see what kind of law the LDP puts forward, its content, and the motives behind the wording,” stated CDP leader Kenta Izumi on Friday during a news conference. “After consulting with the parties involved, we’ll judge whether it’s acceptable to them.”

The prime minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, is hoping the passage of the bill before the G7 Summit will stave off criticism of Japan. 

The man behind the movement, Rahm Emanuel, has heavily pushed the agenda onto the current Japanese Diet. In February, Emanuel applied pressure onto the Diet to become a “clear, unambiguous voice not only for tolerance but against discrimination,” despite the country having extremely low discrimination rates against members of the LGBTQ community. 

Emanuel has even taken to Twitter to pressure the Japanese Diet into passing the legislation when it was at an impasse, sharing a video of fifteen diplomats of Western missions in Tokyo demanding that legislation addressing the discrimination be passed. 

Japanese citizens have voiced their concerns over the bill, with Yoko Ishii, a conservative commentator telling Breitbart, “He shouldn’t interfere in Japan’s domestic affairs, especially with the legislation that is not even passed in his own country. What gives him the right to control us? Is he trying to culturally colonize us?”

It’s shameful to see the United States so forcefully apply its hyper-liberal values to a country that does not need them. Japan has been a thriving country for decades since World War II and doesn't need Western progressives to tell them how to run their nation. 

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