New Press Secretary Has INSANE Excuse for Surging Prices

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had an interesting answer to the question: how does raising taxes on corporations lower the cost of gas, the cost of a used car, and the cost of food?

Jean-Pierre’s answer seemingly steers the purpose of the question to climate change and attributes the rise in prices to climate change.

“So, look, I think we encourage those who have done very well — right? — especially those who care about climate change, to support a fairer tax — tax code that doesn’t change — that doesn’t charge manufacturers’ workers, cops, builders a higher percentage of their earnings; that the most fortunate people in our nation — and not let the — that stand in the way of reducing energy costs and fighting this existential problem if you think about that as an example, and to support basic collective bargaining rights as well. Right? That’s also important.”

It is good and well that the workers at large corporations will not see the tax increase on their paychecks, but it doesn’t address the issue of raising prices on products as a result of the higher cost of operation for the corporations. The extra spending in the form of taxes has to come from somewhere and one of the easiest ways to address it is to raise prices.

Comically, Jean-Pierre roped in climate change to the issue and failed to address the root of the reporter’s question. So, the short answer is that corporation tax increases will not help lower the cost of gas, used cars, and food, but it will encourage well-off individuals to support a “fairer tax code.”

She also fails to note the fact that any measure the Biden Administration implements to combat climate change has resulted in higher energy prices, not lower ones — and no, blowing through our strategic petroleum reserves doesn’t count for lowering energy prices.

What a debut for the new Press Secretary. It almost seems like she was given the wrong script. Maybe she’ll circle back later to address the issues she wasn’t able to address during the briefing.

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