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As we reported recently, Jesse Watters has a new TV Show on Fox News. The show, Jesse Watters Prime Time, has been commanding the airwaves for the conservative news channel. Watters, who has been employed by the Fox News Network since 2003, began his TV career as a frequent guest and street interviewer for Bill O’Reilly. In 2015, Watters got his own show on the Fox News Network — Watters World — which had generated a substantial following, leading to his primetime slot.

Watters always finds the time to interview interesting people on his show. From Former Presidents to Antifa Trolls, Watters is the master of creating intrigue. This Monday was no different. The Fox News host interviewed a wolf — yes, a wolf. Naia Ōkami, who is transgender, “spiritually and psychologically” identifies as a “British Columbian Wolf.” Naia Ōkami is a member of the Other Kin community — a group of individuals who claim they are outside the human species — whether in part or entirely. People in the Otherkin community frequently identify themselves as forest animals. Nonetheless, many in this community identify as mythical creatures — for instance, a dragon. Okami identifies as a Therianthrope within the Otherkin community — to which subclass wolves belong.

Watters began his interview with his Otherkin guest by asking for specifics. How did Okami become a wolf? Naia identifies as a human every day but says becoming Otherkin is a spiritual reality. One does not become a wolf in the strictest sense; one begins to relate that to their experience and applies it to oneself. Watters then asked about Ōkami’s hobbies and sexual life. Do Therianthropes run around in the woods and initiate wolf mating rituals?

Naia Ōkami agrees that running around in the woods is fun, although this is rarely done in the Other Kin community. Ōkami deeply cares about someone named Raven, a non-Therianthrope, but notes that identifying as a wolf is not essential to sexual intimacy. At the end of the interview, Ōkami howled to prove they were a real wolf. Watters seemed open-minded and closed by saying he would be happy to have  Ōkami back on the show.

Here is the full interview: