Jewish Student Recounts Protesters ‘Taunting’ Her On Campus After Being ‘Jabbed’ In The Eye

A Jewish Yale student who was reportedly jabbed in the eye by a pro-Hamas protester described being “immediately blockaded” while trying to film the protest.

Sahar Tartak, the editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, said she sought to “document” the protest taking place on the Ivy League school’s campus in an early Sunday morning post about the alleged assault on X. Tartak told “America’s Newsroom” guest co-host Martha MacCallum that the protesters “immediately blockaded” her when she was recognized.

“As soon as I was identified with my friend, who wears a black hat, as visibly orthodox Jewish students, I was immediately blockaded by protest organizers and everywhere I walked there was a line of protest organizers standing in front of me linking arms so that I could not walk forward,” Tartak told MacCallum. “The rest of the students at the rally noticed this. The other 500 students at this violent rally, and they saw me and so they began to taunt me as well because they recognized that I was something that they view as an enemy.”


“The taunting continued and escalated and I was just there to record them,” Tartak continued. “The taunting escalated until somebody waved a Palestinian flag in my face and then jabbed me in my left eye. When I tried to run after him, the human blockade of protest organizers continued to stand in front of me to stop me from catching my assailant, and so I went to the hospital.”

At least 40 protesters were arrested Monday for trespassing after multiple intersections around the Ivy League school were blocked.

“These students have chanted ‘there is only one solution, intifada revolution,’ which is a direct reference to uprisings that included suicide bombs in Israel and killed civilians,” Tartak said. “After Oct. 7th, they absolutely celebrated and, of course, justified these events en masse. I know those students, I just recognized one of them from class. This is really painful to realize that your peers have joined the Nazi party.”

There have been multiple pro-palestinian demonstrations at Ivy League schools since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas.

Republished with permission from The Daily Caller News Foundation.
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