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Joe Biden has slipped up his words on many accounts and made the American people seriously wonder if he is competent enough to be the President. Those concerns were only elevated when Jill Biden “slipped up her words” at a Black History Month Celebration at the White House yesterday.

The first lady, while introducing Kamala Harris, introduced her as “The president of the United…” before realizing her mistake and quickly correcting herself. She tried to play it off and laugh at her mistake, but the comment was already made.

What makes it funnier is that Joe Biden was in the room when the first lady said this. Biden sat patiently listening to his wife until the crowd erupted in laughter. After he realized what happened he threw his hands up in the air in response. Sadly, his facial expression was covered up by the mask he was wearing at the time, so his true facial expression isn’t known.

This little slip up from Jill Biden doesn’t help to convince the American people that Joe Biden is competent enough to be President of the United States, especially at a time like this. Unsurprisingly, many took to Twitter to comment on this “slip up.” Benny Johnson said “How many times are they going to “accidentally” refer to Kamala Harris as the President.”

Sean Hannity took to Twitter to comment “Does ANYONE think Joe is President? What’s going on here?”

The Bongino Report also commented “This keeps happening” and Dan Bongino retweeted it as well.

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