Jim Jordan Reveals Three Major Investigations That Republicans Will Start After Their 2022 Victory

Representative Jim Jordan is a courageous defender of truth and justice. The Ohio Republican has been at the forefront of many significant investigations since taking office in 2007. A close ally of former President Donald Trump, he fought tooth and nail against the outrageous investigations that occurred after the 2016 Elections. Since then, he has striven against the wild liberal witch hunt that is the January 6 Committee. We do not deny that investigations like these may help aid our democratic republic. But the hyper-partisan way these investigations have been carried out helps no one. The truth is not found when partisan assumptions run rampant. Perhaps the Democrats just need a bit of their own medicine. Republicans could very well be in charge of the two chambers in 2022. And Biden and his cronies should be very afraid.

This is where Jim Jordan comes in. Jim Jordan has always had a keen mind when it comes to investigations. He is on the Judiciary Committee, which frequently runs investigations. He prefers more investigations that aim for the truth, not less. That’s why when a reporter from ‘Just The News’ asked him a question about new investigations, he provided America with three juicy prospects for inquiries after a 2022 Republican victory:

“There are three critically important [investigations] … All the lies from the misinformation, and disinformation from Fauci and the CDC. That’s because they knew from the get-go this thing [COVID-19] came from a lab, likely came from a lab, gain of function likely done, and our tax dollars being used.

Second is the border. This thing is intentional, this thing is deliberate. There is no other logical conclusion you can reach. So, we have to investigate the border situation. Two million illegal [migrants] crossing our border in one year is just wrong.

Third, the weaponization of the DOJ and parts of Government to go specifically against parents. But those three, there’s others, but those are the top three. And all three have connections to the Judiciary Committee” 

2022 is looking to be pretty special and it is imperative that we all vote. Our republic needs answers to these pressing questions. Perhaps Jim Jordan and the Republican Congress will get to the bottom of these questions as they hold our government accountable. The government works for us, and we the people demand answers. The future of our country depends on this next election.

Here is the video:


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